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Gary Weinhouse, Epic Specialty Services

Gary Weinhouse, President of Epic Specialty Services (an Epic Staffing Group company), is known for his adaptability and innovative approach in the healthcare staffing industry. His expertise in guiding companies through critical changes has been key to the smooth transition from Epic Specialty Staffing to Epic Specialty Services. As we celebrate this successful internal shift, we recognize the leadership behind it. Join us as we explore Gary’s career journey, highlighting his strategic insights and vision for the future of Epic Specialty Services.

From Courtrooms to Boardrooms: A Significant Career Shift

Gary Weinhouse initially planned to graduate from law school, become a litigator, and practice Family Law/Divorce Law in California. He practiced law for four years in Los Angeles, but handling emotionally charged, celebrity-style, high-profile child custody cases in 90s Hollywood made him reconsider.

In 1997, Gary pursued an MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School (in their 3-year Fully Employed MBA program) and transitioned from law to business. During business school, he co-founded an online amateur sports company, which won a Business Plan competition in business school and attracted investors. The company grew, survived the Dot-com Crash, and was successfully sold in December 2000, teaching Gary valuable lessons about business growth and acquisitions.

For most of his career, Gary specialized in guiding companies through pivotal transitions, improving communication, accountability, and culture, and facilitating rapid growth. For over twenty years, Gary has specialized in the Healthcare space and worked with various companies, helping them grow, secure funding, restructure, expand operations, increase profitability, or prepare for sale. Notably, he ran the largest reproductive tissue banking company in the world (focusing on egg, embryos, sperm, and cord blood banking) finding fulfillment in helping couples start families. For the last dozen or so years, Gary managed two autism-related companies, expanding their operations and opening new locations in multiple states, which he found deeply rewarding. This sense of fulfillment eventually led Gary to focus on healthcare staffing, particularly leading Epic Specialty Services.

Positioned for Success: Gary Weinhouse on Epic’s Strategy in a Tight Healthcare Market

Gary believes that the overall healthcare staffing landscape is facing significant challenges, marked by shortages across various professions such as nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. This shortage is exacerbated by factors like an aging population, increased demand for healthcare services, and burnout among existing staff, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the current healthcare staffing landscape, Gary is confident that Epic will continue to thrive, innovate, and grow. “Epic is well positioned to address these needs and shortages and uniquely poised to deliver both exceptional clinicians to hospitals and clinics in need, and to wow our staff with incredible benefits and a fun, mission-driven culture,” said Gary.

Epic’s remarkable diversified platform gives it a unique edge in today’s landscape. Regardless of the current challenges, Gary believes healthcare staffing is projected to have long-term growth that outpaces the growth in the economy and will continue to have challenges where demand far outpaces supply. “Both of these factors are great long-term indicators for our future,” he added.

Beyond Staffing: Epic Specialty Services’ Multifaceted Approach to Healthcare Excellence

Epic Specialty Services is a highly specialized clinical acuity division under Epic Staffing Group, which includes Cardiovascular, Diagnostics & Imaging, and Government Services. It focuses on two of the greatest societal medical challenges and leading causes of death: heart and brain. Epic Specialty currently provides staffing services across cardiovascular, perfusion, blood management, ECMO, teleradiology, and diagnostics and imaging (providing services to both private and government sectors). 

Further, Specialty Services operates under a variety of different revenue models and offerings. These models such as Full Department Outsourcing, Medical Equipment & Material Sales, and Remote Teleservices are growth opportunities that Gary’s team will evaluate for further expansion and diversification across Epic in the future.

“We are in a high-growth field addressing staffing shortages across critical areas directly affecting an aging American population, and we provide both staffing and services to address this growing pain point in society,” said Gary. “We believe that extended longevity will result in increasing incidence of heart disease, dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, etc. We’re excited by our focus on the areas of heart and brain health, imaging, and healthy living, and are certain that these fields will exponentially increase in the coming years.”

Inspiring Excellence: Epic’s Trailblazing Journey in Healthcare Staffing

The future of Epic Specialty Services shines brightly, promising continued success and impactful contributions to healthcare innovation. By focusing on heart and brain health services and maintaining a diversified platform, Epic Specialty Services consistently exceeds industry expectations. As it continues to grow and adapt, Epic Specialty Services remains committed to enhancing healthcare outcomes and supporting the professionals who deliver care, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the healthcare landscape.

Epic Staffing Group is a diversified national provider of staffing services to the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries. We focus on outsourced placement of talented and in-demand individuals in Life Sciences, Nursing, Allied Health, Children’s Physical & Behavioral Therapy, Cardiac & Cancer Treatment, Diagnostics and Imaging, Locum Tenens Surgical Services, and Interim Leadership. Check out our blog to learn more about the amazing leadership behind Epic’s continued success.

More About Gary

Gary WeinhouseGary has been married to his wife, Dr. Alyssa Ziman (Section Chief of Transfusion Medicine & CLIA Director at UCLA), for twenty-two years, and they are the proud parents of three children. They live in Santa Monica, CA, along with their two energetic boxer dogs, and collectively love to cook, travel the world, and seek adventure.


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